Offset Poly-Surface (urgent)

Hey guys, could you pls tell me how to create better surface offsets that I can handle and that maybe not geometrically correct but would hopefully not result in such a mess.

As said previously, I’m on a tight deadline for a client and need the seating area offset for foam integration (5cm and 3cm foam layers) and create the wooden frame where to attach them. Therefore I would subtract the 5/3cm from the overall shape but resulting surfaces wouldn’t be interconnected and trimmed. Minor deviations won’t be a problem as it’s foam and the upholsterer could manage this by hand.

Thanks a bunch for any strategy or workaround!!!


Hi Hannes,

Maybe try this:

Convert to mesh create a mesh offset with possibly a fix in the mesh like _AlignMeshVertices for vertices that are too close to eachotther.

Next convert te offset mesh back to Nurbs _MeshToNurb command and do the boolean?



@Willem sounds very good. will test it. btw is there a way to draw polys and ngons like a polyline?

@Willem you are a star!!!

@Willem is there a way to somehow control the accuracy as I figured out this approach works well but there are certain areas where it’s getting very imprecise…maybe I have to adjust manually. Thank you for your input!

I guess you can grab each edge and scale it to zero with the gumbal to align them vertically or horizontally.

@DiegoKrause thank you, but a simple gumball trick doesn’t work. I thought it would nearly match the results from surface offset but without the holes and damaged geometry. to get a glimpse I made 2 videos.

  1. the results from the mesh offset

  2. the achieved final design of the chair. similarly I want the couch have a wooden frame and the foam layers attached (5cm, 3cm and 1cm for different purposes such as seating and leaning).



thank you!


Hi Hannes,

You might get better results by welding/unwelding the input mesh.

It seems that you best unweld the mesh completely ( unweld at 0 deg)



Hey Willem thank you so much for getting into details. I this is definetely woth knowing for future projects. But specifically on this as construction would be done via CNC cutting the frame panels and foam is not 3D cut as I regret I probably found a solution to subdivide the whole sofa into several units and work from that as complexity would dramatically decrease for the construction part of it.

Keep u updated.

Fingers crossed this will happening xx


btw this is the chair currently in the gallery in NYC

i personally dont like that material of the chair, dont think it suits it right, the shape is cool though, but the couch on top is a stunner, i was following your attempts as far as i could see them but was not very fond of it at first, but now after seeing your render it made far more sense. what kind of upper material will that be? below (xps) foam on something like a wooden core right?

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@encephalon yes I’m on your page…concerning the fabric it’s a silk satin and very expensive (2400$ for the chair only) the chair would be offered without fabric, this is normal, the clients will deliver the fabrics. the couch shall be covered with golden silk velvet and the legs shall be custom bronze casted as in the render with some exquisite patina. Let’s see how I work this out. As the couch is way more complex constructionwise. never considered it. but you grow with your demands :smiley:

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silk satin? … uh… ok it reminds me somehow of the 50s 60s, :smiley:
be sure to post these pictures also it in the gallery here, for a few more likes :wink:

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where is the gallery?

Ah seee. Agreed!