Offset open polycurve

I want to get this figure,

from the following polycurve,

The command for get the figure form this polycurve is:

I am developing in c# and RhinnoCommon.

Someone knows how I can get it?


Hi Miguel,

You can get the offset curve using the method Curve.Offset()

Here is a sample:

This function will give you a offset curve. Then you need to create a PolyCurve with both curves and two lines connecting both start and end points.

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Thank you very much Enric.

This is a good idea, in fact I use the following function:

Curve curvasOffset = curva.Offset(Plane.WorldXY, -10, 0.001, CurveOffsetCornerStyle.None)[0];

But, I want to know if there are anyway to do the figure with only one function of rhinocommon.

Thanks again, (Moltes gracies :wink: )