Offset open poly surfaces

Hi there,

I am trying to scale and offset a poly surface to loft and create an open window fo 8 surface segments of a polygon. Since it is a poly surface and not just a surface. I am a little lost. Does anyone have any code that might help?

SEGMENTED 2.pdf (1.8 MB) SEGMENTED BOWL.pdf (1.7 MB)

This is what the image looks like.

Where is the GH code shown in the PDF files? And why two? This is very simple… (13.6 KB)

I just came across this I did not get an e-mail response. Thank you. I am trying to scale the offset to create a window similar to what is done on the skyscraper samples. I want to scale the offset create a window and loft. But let me look at this. But thanks so much.