Offset of a rectangle incorrect - 5 points

In the following, the offset of the rectangle has 5 points… I think this might have already been discovered in the other current thread about offsets, but in case it got lost…
(8.4.24023.15001, 2024-01-23)

I found this because FilletCorners on this rectangle with a radius larger than the offset fails to fillet the corner where the extra point is. That in itself is a second bug (IMO).

BadOffset.3dm (2.3 MB)

Edit - what’s (much) worse is that that extra point actually becomes the curve seam. And SimplifyCrv does not remove it. :grimacing:

Hi Mitch - I think that is this one-
RH-80116 Offset polylines - extra points in the output


OK… As polylines/rectangles frequently get offset, this one may cause a bit of havoc until it gets fixed…

It looks like this is not propagating to other offsetting procedures like Inset as far as I can tell, but maybe a check is in order.