Offset of a line is not a line. I wish it was

The offset of a line is not a line, but a more complicated object, which has (I guess) the same geometry. I wish it was just plain line. Why?

Well, when I ask RhinoCam to engrave along a real line, it programs the tool just to move from one end to the other. When I ask RhinoCam to engrave along the offset thing which is not really a line, then RhinoCam inserts a point halfway along. And THEN the controller on my CNC router screws up.

Yes, it SHOULD all work, but it doesn’t. The real fault is in the CNC controller … and I’m trying to get their attention. But it would be nice if Rhino special-cased Offset to offset a line to a line. And maybe a circle to a circle too …

Oh: this is an old version of Rhino … 4.0. But I’d be surprised if it was different in later versions …

please share your file. usually a line which has two points offsetted will have 2 points either, the same with a circle. if you would create a line and a circle from scratch and try for yourself i am sure you would quickly find that this is the case. in anyway it is pretty difficult to make a judgment without some geometry.

one thing you can try is to use SimplifyCrv, which makes simple lines out of straight lines with too many points but only if they are are truly in the same tangent, it also simplifies circles back to a simple circle.

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Hello- an offset of a line should certainly be a line - I do not recall about how V4 handled this but normally I would expect a line. Please post your example.