Offset multiple surface


How to offset multiple surface and connect edge?
Because I want to cut extruded surface with gap from multiple surface

Thank you in advance

Offset multiple (22.1 KB)


Not sure that I get the question right… Could you please detail a bit more what you’re trying to do?

Hi Antonie,

Please check image below

Thanks a lot

Like this?
I went for a simple move component then recreate the pipe-like element downward.

The problem you would face with an offset is that the offset you need to make on that polyline varies depending of the inclination of each panel. And if you make different offset on each segment of the polyline you showed, they won’t be touching each other anymore.

Note : also did another way to model the panels, wich is more convenient to work with, but you choose :slight_smile:

Offset multiple (24.4 KB)

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Thanks a lot for solution
I see, Vertical move also work well for wide inclining panel

What I trying to do is as sketch below (highlight in Blue)
That’s why in my brain is always thinking of offsetting :sweat_smile:

Ps. Your idea to create panel is great!! :+1:

Thank you

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