Offset multiple curves


the task is to offset a bunch of open curves to one direction.
The offset distance is of course the same for all of the curves.
Addtionally all the created curves shall go to the same layer as the source curve.
Like this (“S” = source curves, “direction point” = side to offset to):

I assume someone has already a script for this?


Here is an old .rvb that I have from a couple of years ago. Reminds me that I should now look into pythonizing it and cleaning it up a bit…


OffsetMultiCrvs.rvb (2.5 KB)

Here is a hacked together Python version… (1.8 KB)

Here is a version that may be more reliable in certain cases…
(does not depend on scripting rs.Command) (3.7 KB)

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Mitch you are the best, works exactly as wanted.
Thank you very much!

BTW, this functionality should per given by the natural offset command…