Offset multiple curves command

Please let the ‘offset’ command work on multiple curves

Try the OffsetMultiple command.

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Brilliant, good to know that this command is here. I’d actually prefer having new functionality added to the old command, while selecting multiple cuvres and running offset indicates already the intention. Also if you’re an older user you wouldn’t necessarily know about the new command.

But it’s great to have it in some form anyway.

Combining was discussed and because it would add so many keystrokes and clicks, we decided 2 separate commands with fewer click was more efficient.

it’s good to know that it was considered, but I think that if ability to offset multiple was available only when multiple curves are selected then it could act in the same way with no extra clicks, same when a single curve is selected?

OffsetMultiple command could be still added if one runs this command first and select the objects second

this is probably nitpicking, and maybe I’m missing something. Still glad it’s there at all

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one command Just offst curve
Why complicate offstcurve command and OffsetMultiple command
Please combine them into one command.

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I agree, although I’m not personally a fan of menus or buttons. Having Offset work just in the command line would be enough though.

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