Offset mesh edge on the face

i am trying to offset mesh edge on the face,first i get the boundary of the mesh and i tried use wb’s mesh offset but its direction only towards x direction. i want the edge is inside the face. can anyone help me to achieve this???

分块.3dm (1.9 MB)

mesh (9.4 KB)

Something like this?

mesh (6.6 KB)

similar but i want the edges are toward inside like this since this one big mesh is combined from few small mesh,i tried using offset curve on surface but somehow there are always line in the middle but all i want to the boundary.Still thank you for answering me.

It might have been helpful if you included that image to begin with…So, its a variable offset. How do you determine how deep the offset is at each point?

thanks i will try work on this direction. i just need to set a number so that i can change how far i offset the edge

Given elementary Mesh connectivity knowledge offset on sorted (ordered) naked vertices is very easy (at least with code). The big thing is what to do around the cyan circle (red lines east/west are NOT coplanar).

Hi @PeterFotiadis

would you mind to give a small example of the methods you used?


Practice is closed: meaning that I should re-invent the wheel at home (unless you can wait a couple of months [or years]).

thanks anyway!

Sorry to bring back this discussion more than a year later but I have some question on this method. How do I determine the tolerance for the meshweldvertices? For example, if I have a few different angled strip meshes, the tolerance value seems to be different for each. Is there a certain calculation need to be done so I can input it automatically? Thanks in advance.

A file would be most helpful!