Offset: "Loose" option

The offset tool does not seem to have a “loose” option like offsetsrf has (which conserves the cv structure of the original item).
Do I miss the secret trick to access this option or should I wish for it in Rhino 6?

It would, in any case, be very useful.

Cheers, Norbert

You can use the tolerance option to make the offset curve less accurate.

I tried that – it’s a bit of a “hit and miss” experience.

“Loose” would be much more convenient.


If you’re looking for a loose looking offset then why not either:

  1. Do a normal offset and rebuild the offset curve with fewer control points than it had before.(This has a preview option) OR
  2. Offset with the rounded corners option to get a more rounded looking offset.
    Michael VS

Thank You for the suggestion, but I know a couple of ways to work around the missing “loose” option, that is not the problem.
It’s just not very convenient.
I find it strange that the option exists but not for .
If anything shouldn’t it be easier to implement for curves than for surfaces?

Cheers, Norbert

I have a super cool hack to ‘offset’ a curve, BUT with the exact same number of control points. It works well for when you’re more concerned with simplicity than accuracy.

If I get a few requests, I’ll post a video.


Please Dave, tell us :smiley:

Okay, you got one request!

My semi-quick workaround btw. would be:
Extrude the curve – OffsetSrf with Loose otion – DupEdge – Delete surface


Edit: Oops two requests, diegodx was faster

Grasshopper has Offset Loose component (Curve-Util).

I finished the video as promised. See my post on this forum.

Hi Dave.

Thanks a lot. I wrote a comment in said other forum. --> Link

I still think the loose option should be included in “Offset” for the reason stated in my response and for convenience.
Shouldn’t be too difficult to implement, should it? Maybe in Version 6?


I am actually hoping that McNeel will add a new option for the curve offset command. They already use the term ‘loose’ for surface offsets, so I suggest ‘same control points’ or ‘dave-flavor

I stumbled over this exact problem today, and found that R6 beta has a ‘Loose’ option built in it’s curve Offset command. Nice!
Just to conclude this…