Offset Loose fail with single line

Hi all.
As title, in this specific situation Offset Loose fails with just a single line.
2019-03-07%2016_40_00-Window (9.3 KB)

If I copy everything and paste it on a new file, it works… but on this file I cannot make it work, even by replacing the component and/or recreating the inputs.
I loaded with grasshopper one-by-one and it’s the same.

Rhino 6.14.19064.4371, 03/05/2019
Grasshopper 1.0.0007
But the bug (not grasshopper) was already there also in SR13, I just updated today to SR14.

is offset curve loose used for straight lines ? try offset curve

yes it work but the when i use your points it show the same error

So you were able to make it fail when making a new definition from scratch? In which way did you “use his points”?

I tried in a new definition, just manually placing two points in the Rhino document {7.1, 1, 0} and {7.1, 3, 0} and using those. Then adding the components as in the picture. I didn’t get an error then. But when opening the gh file that was attached, recreating the logic within the same definition, that will fail as well here.

No i used his file
and if you copy/paste or cut/paste his definition the error disappear

That was also interesting, yes.

In my test above, I baked the line, manually placed Rhino points at the ends and used those to recreate the logic within the original definition. That failed then.

In a new test, when I use the original definition and completely manually place the Rhino points, I don’t get the error. Looks to me like there is something about how that original Line component was populated.

At any rate, unless @DavidRutten has any ideas about what’s happening, @maje90, the workaround of cut and paste in the same definition might do the trick for now?

… i was working on this Real Time GH Progress where i did use offset loose many times.
It seems like the errors between the instances of [Offset Curve Loose] components are somehow “shared” …?
I’m not sure, I was getting strange behaviors everywhere. I’ve just isolated one clean case.

So, maybe copy-pasting everything on the same file is not a solution if the input geometry is coming different every time from other components.
Anyway it’s just a report, I’m not blocked by this…

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