Offset curves by distance based on Line Start Point

Hi All

Can any one help me here please?

Im trying to get Lines created by specific dimensions based on Input line.

I do create line to get Start point & Use that line to determ direction and i would like to create lines based on dimension inputs & Direction by using coordinate system extracted from input line.

Can any one help me here please?

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probably you just need to connect the x value on upper group:

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Thanks for your time

Can you please help pe to get rotation automatically based on input line direction.

As curent proposal only work in one direction

Please see example below GREEN is input line RED are output lines


the distance between the green line and the parallel red line, is that an offset? or it is there just for explanation? (10.0 KB)

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Is there so we can see both lines.

Green line only there for start point & direction

Hi Thanks for your time again

It sort of works. Looks like i got XY wrong way round.

How can i control that?


what do you mean by XY? there’s no XY anymore, just parallel to the input line and perpendicular to the input line :slight_smile:

maybe you want to invert the direction of the perpendicular curve?
in that case you can just invert the direction of the rotation axis the second vector is rotated around (or even better just use cross product)

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Hi Thank for your time

Problem i have is i getting opposite Coordinates as im using Tekla.

If i draw Direction line in Tekla in X axis i get results in Y axis

Hi Darozas,

With inno’s posted suggestion I do get things the right way around in Tekla:

Are you seeing something else or perhaps I misunderstood the issue?



Hi All

Sorry for late response

I do get opposite effect to yours with same srcipt.

Light blue is drawn by me.



Hi Darozas,

To me that seems correct - The input is presumably the blue line as you say and the output the dashed construction lines? The shorter construction line (3000mm) is along the input line as it should. Or am I still confused?

Hi Sebastian

Long line should follow input line

It looks like working in @inno script in rhino but in tekla results are opposite for some reason


I think Inno has different values on the sliders (624 - 271) from yours (3000 - 8000), you’d just need flip the values or increase the length of the topmost slider to make that one the long line and then it would match up with what you see in Inno’s pic.

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