Offset curve component very slow / DelMesh different result

Not sure what is going on here but im facing issue with offset component. One curve ~1k of control points takes in latest GH 22 sec:

While in v5 GH 0.9 it takes only 160 ms:

Any ideas @pascal @DavidRutten ?

Can you get us the file?

@DavidRutten here it is internalised crv and striped down (33.9 KB)

Besides there is other issue that Delaunay Mesh in v6 does invalid mesh while in v5 works without issues. Besides even if mesh is invalid it cant be moved - any reason for that ? It can be baked and then moved - strange handling those things isnt it?



GH for del : (75.6 KB)

[EDIT] in 0.9 DelMesh also produced invalid mesh however it was further usable :wink:

Not an answer, but Tolerances can lead to long time, so if Rhino 5 and 6 have’t the same the comparison is not equal.

With same tolerance in RH6 and 5 the ouput is not the same

The original curve is 1067 control points

@DavidRutten just bumping.

Hmm… i bumped topic cause i thought there should be counter on right hand side of file link but it seems it does not apply to uploaded files but only to external links. Am i right?

Do you mean download counter? If so it resets when you edit the comment. Seems you edited your comment twice.