Offset curve both sides and join straight!?

I have a whole bunch of straight lines (both straight and in an a angle) that I would like to offset an equal amount on both sides and I want it to cap or join in the ends created. But I am stuck in getting the offset working on both sides. Se screendump:

the blue square is what I would like to have, the reddish lines are the lines used for the offset.
As off now grasshopper just offsets on one side, and I dont know what I am doing wrong…
Any help would be great!

Have a try Clipper plugin.

Clipper Polyline (4.8 KB)

Hi Kim
And thanks, made some more digging and found the offset component in Pufferfish and it worked great! But I will certainly try Clipper it looks really amazing!

Pufferfish offsset

you already found it :slight_smile:
this also help when you don’t use addons

Yeah, as I sad to Kim I found the offset component in Pufferfish and it saved my day!
Thank you both for reply!