Offset component bug

Just updated RhinoWIP and discovered this bug:

Offset component behaves strangely - it doesn’t work, then it does, then it doesn’t

Not very cool when your project starts with an offset…

Rhino 6 grasshopper does not exhibit this erratic behavior

I make a silly ‘temporary’ offset:

but then I must go ‘fake’ all other offsets in the script:

Ouch, I just sat to work on my GH definition and was welcomed by Rhino WIP crashing every time when I tried to execute it. I checked the forum and did the test with the offset component. Sometimes it crashes Rhino, sometimes it just doesn’t work and sometimes it works (never inside my definition though). I must roll back to the previous version.

Worth mentioning that problem occurs with both standard Curve Offset component and Pufferfish version too.

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thanks for replying

yes - very very inconvenient…It’s worse than I thought:

how do you do that?

Normally I don’t clean my downloads folder that often so I should have WIP installation file from the previous week. Not this time… I wiped them out.

I guess we need to find or ask for a link to the previous build.
I understand that WIPs have expiration days constructed this way with a purpose, but IMO at least one step backward should be always available on the download site just for cases like this one.

thanks for the insight - I do have a couple of previous downloads - I’ll uninstall the current one and test…if not, oh well…


This thread may be relevant: After last WIP update, grasshopper crashes when offseting closed curves