Offset command broken

Hi all.

As said here:

and shown here:

in my system all offset command/functions became very very slow, somehow broken
first i was playing with python in grasshopper, now also the standard rhino offset command is messed up…

in the video it is not well visible the problem, but while doing offset with the “throught point” function (0:12 - 0:16), the solution is flickering, slow, and the cursor is blinking with the “loading” cursor on (like it happens after in grasshopper)

again, the same identical problem happen when i make the offset with grasshopper or python and move the slider;
it is more visibile because it does more curve simultaneously

only offset loose works good (also all the other functions are ok)

did i explained well my situation? can i give more details?
any ideas?

Can you post an example model and/or GH definition that shows the problem?

Sorry for coming back late…
I reinstalled a clean OS (W8.1 x64) with Rhino5 SR9
(no python or scripting involved this time)

I still have the same exact problem:
even only in rhino, if i run an offset command (ThroughPoint) to a simple line segment, i get a blinking cursor
(its a fifty-fifty cursor image between rhino cursor and windows loading cursor (

also in grasshopper the same problem, with a simple referenced curve, a “offset curve” block, and a slider connected to the offset distance…
while sliding in the slider i get the same cursor “thing”

while i increase the load to the function (grasshopper make this possible, while not in rhino because you can offset only 1 curve at time) the “blinking frequency” slow down to a visible “rythm”, as in the video (0:36 - 0:54) making impossible to work in grasshopper, like a big chain blocks…
(btw offset loose and scale commands work normally: fast)

i could post a file but it would be just a .3dm file with a single line or a .gh file with the 3 block said above…
plus, some definitions i moved to my laptop works fine there…

i can even show the problem via remote control if needed, but the video already say much i think…
what more informations i can give?
any ideas? is my rhino cursed? XD

Can you please try this with Rhino starting in Safe Mode?

any difference?


nope :frowning:
still the same