Offset and create one Brep?

I want to turn the brep in the gh file into a single closed brep. I try using Solid Union which works, but is not always reliable. Sometimes, the Solid Union creates an open Brep. I want a consistent method for getting a single closed Brep from a given 2D open Brep (surface) as can be seen in the gh file. (420.7 KB)

Hi - I don’t have Pufferfish installed and can’t comment much on this file…
Just some general observations:

Are you strictly speaking of surfaces in one plane? Your internalized geometry in that definition surely is something else.

What happens in a Boolean operation when you are using open polysurfaces depends entirely on the direction of the objects.

I see that you have a very similar thread going on here:


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No none of the surfaces I will be using are planar.

So I am trying a new method in RhinoCommon which is Brep.CreateOffsetBrep. I think this is what I am looking for, since I want to offset a Brep, not a surface. However the syntax is confusing me in python and I get the error “Data conversion failed from Goo to Brep”. Any ideas? @Michael_Pryor (308.4 KB)

Use Parakeet offset Brep component. Requires Rhino 6.

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Try this
Offset Brep.ghpy (30 KB)