Offset along mesh surface

Hi all,

I am trying to translate a curve projected to a mesh (using mesh closest point) along the surface of the mesh in the Z direction.

I was able to do it in two different ways:

  • the first method by using closest point and translating it on Z
  • the second method by using a pipe and extracting the intersection between the pipe and the mesh

The first method results in a curve that does not have a constant distance to the original curve
The second method creates looping in the curve

Is there a better way to do this? All I would like to have is a translated curve on the Z axis with a constant, uniform distance from the original curve.

I attached photos and the definition to hopefully make it clearer to anyone who is willing to help :slight_smile:

I hope someone could help me out with this! Thank you!!


translate on (106.5 KB)