Offset all curves at once


Wanted to offset all curves to 2cm at once, is there a way? Thanks a lot! H

(Pascal Golay) #2

Hi Hannes - in the V6/WIP, OffsetMultiple, or… a script,



Hi Pascal,

The new OffsetMultiple is a great addition but on several cases I had hard time defining what is outside or inside by clicking, especially when working with a lot of closed curves in various planes at once.
I was wondering if it would be possible to allow negative values to the command that would basically mean the opposite side, or ‘inside’ if side of offset was not picked. In my cases no matter where I clicked I 90% of the time got the ‘outside’ offset.



(Vanessa Steeg) #4

Hi @Jarek Just saw this lying around…

So do you mean negative values would always result in an inner offset? Or do you mean negative values would inverse the result (meaning the curves that are offseted inward would offset outward and viceversa)?


Hi Vanessa,

I thought the negative values would mean “Inside” for closed curves.


(Vanessa Steeg) #6

Hi @Jarek

Yeap, I see it’s not taking negative values. I’ve added it to the list.