Offline Updates

My Rhino machine is never connected to the internet. I note that there is an offline installation ability for Rhino. Is there a way to download updates and then copy them to an offline machine to peform the update?



Yes, just download Rhino once and install anywhere you need. Each license key will need to be installed locally if you don’t have an internet connection. You will have to do the offline activation procedure for each license as well. Just type _ValidateLicense to start the offline activation procedure.


and for subsequent updates, Rhino won’t automatically alert you to their availability nor automatically download them, so you will need to find out about them through discourse or other McNeel websites. The download and installation process is the same as the original installation, but the license of the original is automatically detected so you don’t need to go through that process again unless something happens on your machine to corrupt the original license.

Perfect. Thanks for the help.