Office layout automatization

hi. i was wondering if anyone coud help me with the script for an office layout automatization. which are the importan variables to take into account? and what are the most important outputs to extract and analyse?

Depends what you need! Office layout is complicated, regardless of whether you are using a computer or an architect to design it. What do you want your office to look like, what are you prioritising? Maximum table density? Exposing most workers to sunlight? Interaction between teams?

Some references which might be useful:
(by @andheum )

A rather simple question with an answer of endless complexity.
But to point out some things to consider for a office layout.
Spacing, number of workstations, open plan vs. cubicle vs. closed room, proper light at workstations, void areas (in front of doors, toilets, passage, etc.), table size, view from windows and many more.