(Off Topic) If you are taking a break

If you are taking a break from Rhino and want to get as frustrated as possible :slight_smile:

I am working on this simple kids game.
It is supposed to be hard like flappy-bird, but on a completely different premise.




Btw, there is a bug in there somewhere. I was able to get the snake to run through a wall and never come back :wink:

oh goody :slight_smile: … could you describe the circumstances ? which wall ? also, which browser (and version) are you on ? Thanks !

I was on the way down and should have taken a left turn but failed and crashed into a wall. Bounced up and thought I’d just wait until it hit the top-most wall and went down again but it just continued through that border wall.

Running Chrome Version 49.0.2623.87 m

I caught that bug an hour ago. Thanks for the report !

Cool. :sunny:
Also, sometimes numbers with 2 digits are interpreted digit by digit and the answer is always wrong :rolling_eyes:


Can we get an API? I cant do math by hearth anymore.


Thanks for the suggestion !

I tweaked the visual feedback to make it a little clearer … hopefully.

heh… that’s neat.
maybe a ‘play again’ option after a success? (not necessary, obviously… reloading the page will do this)

That being too simple, I will leave it for later :slight_smile:
I am working on randomized labyrinths … once I get Prim’s and some other algorithms into javascript.