(off topic) if you are taking a break - (play game)

I have noticed (only once) the game freezing, but can’t seem to replicate it.

If you don’t mind and feel like playing a little (and get super stressed :stuck_out_tongue: ) and let me know if you encounter the freeze bug and where exactly is the moth when the freeze happens.

Game --> MathMoth


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Not a freeze bug, but I find it is impossible to answer results that go larger than 9. I.e. answering 46 never succeeds on 23+13.

This is on Firefox Nightly 60.0a1 (2018-02-02) on Mac OS.

Cool game. Somehow made it on the second try, is it only one map tho?

Tried it another time, now it worked. Freeze at:

23+13=36. No ?
Did the game break you :stuck_out_tongue: ? I like it !

There are infinite maps. The background is the same but the maze itself is unique every time.

Hmm, nothing unique at that location. I hate this kind of bug, I know which line of code is throwing it, but the same thing works every other time. It is some wierd combination of events that cause of its input variables to be empty.

If you can do it on the second try, then it is not evil enough.

Oops, typo, yes, 36. I must’ve fumbled with the dollar sign (being on the four behind right-alt) for starting the mathjax rendering $36$ - 36. Always should proofread before hitting Reply (:

Haha, could be. There should be a “pro” difficulty setting :rofl:

Cool, and you only bumped twice !
In your case the game could make the maze more dense giving you less space to react (it was an 8x6, and now it is 9x6), or make the moth move faster sooner. At the same time, given the randomness of the maze, some of them are bound to be easier by lucky chance.

I think the “occasional” freeze bug has been resolved now. You can enjoy uninterrupted frustration :stuck_out_tongue:

Also edited the behavior of the key handling so that the buffer is cleared after a sort time. In the past, with two digit entries, if the first digit was wrong it would stay in the buffer until it became a pair before being rejected and caused some confusion on how to enter a correct answer after that