OFF TOPIC: Digital Sundial using Openscad

Anyone here willing to trade Rhino or any other user based 3d modeling software for a script base Cad modeler? Lol…

I thought this was an interesting video on how a digital sundial was generated purely through code.

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That just blew me away! Code will rule…

OpenSCAD is a cool program, and well worth the effort of installing to play around a bit.

I’m not enough of a coder to take on a project of much complication, but I think it’s a fun thing to learn and mess around with.

I have a good friend who used to be my first ceramics teacher back in High School, We still keep in touch and ended up having a very close relationship. He’s about 86 years old or so. He often asks me about how computer programs work.

The last time the subject came up, I told him that I was going to help him write a program of his own. It won’t be much more than a lightly modified hello world program, because his typing skills aren’t all that great (and I don’t want him to get too frustrated with everything), but I’m also not so hot with the programing stuff myself, so I can’t go too far down the road anyhow.

Anyhow, this thread reminds me that I should install OpenSCAD on his computer. He’ll get a BIG KICK out of modeling something from code… and we can even get it 3D printed. Or better still…

He once taught me how to throw clay pots on a potters wheel. . . maybe now I can show him how to write a program that will model a simple cup, and we can send it off to a 3D printer which extrudes clay. put a glaze on it, and get it fired.

He could use it to drink his morning coffee with. I think he’d enjoy this idea an awful lot. He was always so interested in pushing the envelope around, and looking at new ideas, or even old ideas with a fresh set of eyes. Taking ceramics into the computer coding world would be right up his alley.

Thanks for the post @Mgevorki, It was good timing, from my perspective.

Now I’m going to have to see if I can figure out the code for putting a handle on a simple cup. that will be a bit tricky for me, but we’ll see what happens.

He might have to get use to using a cup that only has a stump coming out of its side. :slightly_smiling: … He’d probably like that even better though, because he could tease about it later on.

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Well, you can “model with code” if you really want to right now in Rhino with something like Python or Grasshopper. With Python you can “code” directly in a computer language, Grasshopper is a visual interface to programmed modeling without having to type, but it’s still coding AFAIC.

The only real reason to code a model instead of using the normal Rhino GUI - aside from just for the fun of coding - is if you want to make it parametric or if you want to generate something with so many elements that is simply too complex and/or time consuming to model “by hand”. Otherwise, if it’s a one-off, you’re far better just using the normal GUI, as it was designed for exactly that reason - to make things easy to model using a visual interface and commands that run whole chunks of geometric and display code without you ever needing to know what’s going on “under the hood”.


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