Off Centre Helix

Hey guys,

Can’t seem to find a way to build a spiral curve with offset centre on the top.
So while spheral goes up its centre shifts. Hope image helps…
I tried using polar component, but I am missing something

Thank you (11.3 KB)

This could be another way… (15.1 KB)


Thank you Kim. It gave me an idea. I can just pul my polar points to underling surface … Will have to try.
I like polar it gives a lot of control

Or use BoxMorph to morph a vertical helix from its bounding box into a Twisted Box. (21.3 KB)


Cheers guys.

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Hi @martinsiegrist and @HS_Kim
I managed to build a curve using a series of sections and Interpolate (t) component so the curve has a smooth transition from bottom part to the top.
It works, but … :slight_smile:

When I do sweep2 it take into account the tangent and surface iso curve are not horizontal. This makes a surface look bad.

Is there a way to keep isovcurves horizontal ? (11.0 KB)