OEM CAD Files for Motorcycles

I am currently working on creating some parts for Yamaha motorcycles (2008-16 YZF-R6 specifically) and have been having some fitment problems from reverse engineering the relevant parts to the ones I am designing. It would make things a lot easier if I had the OEM CAD files to work off of, but I have had limited success finding anything useful so far. SEMA has a database with plenty of CAD files for auto racing and part development, but nothing for motorcycles (https://www.semagarage.com/techtransfer/Index). I also found a page for GM vehicles that provides a similar service (https://www.gmupfitter.com/), but the only thing I’ve been able to find for motorcycles are user created files from CAD sharing websites.

Anyone here had any experience finding something like this? And if the best way is to contact the manufacturer, how would you go about asking / who should I ask?

Well it’s generally pretty hard to get your hands on that stuff, most companies guard it pretty closely, resources like SEMA are the exception not the rule, I’ve got large long term clients just due to that fact. If you want to try you need to find someone to talk to directly, just sending a general inquiry will get you nothing.

Of course even if you do get something that may only be half the battle…it might be “official” but still kind of garbage, or it if it’s a really good assembly from Catia you might get a dump file of 10K+ parts that takes you literally days to pare down to what you actually want.

Yeah that’s what I was afraid of, I’ll keep looking and see if I can come up with anything else. Thanks for the input though