Odd title bar flicker in Win 7, 8

When the multi selection box is on-screen, the title bar goes from dimmed (active window) to bright (inactive window). Actually this is happening with any dialog, like the save box… Also popping up a toolbar makes the title bar flicker quickly… I do not see this on my Vista install, but I do see it here on Win 7 and particularly dramatically on my new Win 8 box, due to lack of aero transparency.

Try this:
Go into Options - View - OpenGL, and remove the check mark for the “Redraw scene when viewports are exposed” option. Leave only the first option for using accelerated hardware modes selected.

I don’t think that would have anything to do with what the Helvetosaur is seeing. It looks more like a window focus hint which occurs when a different window becomes active. This is standard windows behavior when you bring up a dialog like the save as dialog or the options dialog.

It is a bit distracting with the layer picker pop-up. @dale, do you think there is anything we can do about this (i.e. is this a bug?)

I think I was going down the wrong path with my first reply. This color changing is normal behavior when a window get focus. Because you’re tweaked your colors, the change between then two states is very pronounced.
I’m running default colors so the change is very subtle. May tweak your active/inactive window colors so they are more similar.

Yes, it’s fairly obvious that it’s an active/inactive window thing as I mentioned. My question is why should the internal dialogs like the selection menu or popping up a toolbar make this change? And yes, I do now see it on Vista with the selection box - not with the toolbars - but it’s very subtle due to the transparency.

AFAIK, that’s just how Windows works. Rhino is a “MFC” application. I don’t think we get to choose how that works other than to mess with colors and transparency.

This isn’t a popup layer window, but the “choose one object” window. I would not consider this a bug, but it does look odd. I will look into getting this fixed.

OK, thanks Dale!

It appears this is no longer a Windows “standard”. With Win 8, all the recent programs I have (Adobe CS6, Microsoft Office 2013) do not change the title bar color active/inactive, the only thing that changes is the window controls (close box, minimize) and the title text itself in some cases.