Odd streaks on cylinders


I’ve uploaded a 3dm showing a streaky effect that shows up on some objects when I raytrace with Neon. In this case it’s the light/dark pattern on the blue pipes. The streaks do not show up in rhino render. Is there a way to avoid this problem in Neon? Otherwise, Neon seems like a great tool to have in my kit. Thanks!
bwd.3dm(1.6 MB)


I’m not very experienced here but can’t you just reduce the reflection rate on the materials to reduce the ‘streaks’? I think the streaks are just reflections of the pipes on one another.


That’s what it would appear to be. The Rhino render just looks different because there’s a difference in how the environment gets reflected between them so it’s more visible in Neon. With Brazil you can do ‘glossy reflections’ that would blur them.

(Andrew le Bihan) #4


You can see it more clearly if you change the colors around - look on the white one. You can now clearly see the reflections of the other pipes.

  • Andy