Odd Snaps Behavior?

When I use snaps while drawing a line the perpendicular snap will constrain my points well, for example while drawing a simple two point line while in Top View with project snaps on. But when simply using the SmarTrack to try and create useful snaps, there is no perpendicular snap available(though it is turned on), and the ortho smart line overtakes and prevents an accurate pickup of a point on an edge that is perpendicular to the first point garnered in SmarTrack.

Is this a bug or a intentional?

Hope this makes sense.


Hi Carter- I guess I need a real example of where you are expecting Perp to light up using SmartTrak- can you give me a blow-by-blow, for dummies?



Ok then. Now, of course, it seems to be properly picking up the perpendicular smartrack point. I can’t seem to reproduce the condition at the moment. When I come across it again I will pipe back up.

I appreciate quick response. Thanks.