Odd Shelling

Problem31.3dm (1.0 MB)

In the attached file, I am trying to shell to 0.06" while removing the top and bottom.

I am losing the entire top and bottom in the process as shown in this top view (you can see through the shelled walls.

Shell only works from one surface. It should probably be run before you fillet any edges. Worked here.

Your fillet is .01, so my shell reads .05 from top edge of fillet to inside wall of shell. Not closed because of fillet.

Jim, a lot of things will work better at the scale you are working of you start with .001 tolerance rather than the .01 I’ve been noticing in your files.

Problem31_PG.3dm (2.6 MB)


Also, what Randy said - shell, then fillet that top edge - gives shelling less to think about.


Hi Randy - I’m not sure what you meant by this - you can select as many faces as you want to be removed in one go of Shell.


Thanks, I guess I have only ever used it from one surface :sweat_smile:

So how would it work using the top and bottom? sort of like offset surface I suppose.

Like this Randy …

Yes & no - in Shell, the remnants of the top and bottom faces are used at the edges, with OffsetSrf you’d not end up with level, planar, top and bottom edges, if you see what I mean.


right, must still be on Daylight Savings.