Odd performance issue with PlanarSrf and many "holes"

I stumbled across this this morning… In the attached, you will find a square containing 1020 circles (holes). It’s just part of a the “picture”, there are actually 2600 holes total.

Select all the green curves (they’re grouped for convenience) but not the red ones and call PlanarSrf. Here it takes a couple of seconds to produce the surface, that’s one outer border and exactly 1000 holes.

Now, undo and select all the curves - including the 20 red circles - and call PlanarSrf again. Here it takes over a minute to produce the surface… So it seems that Rhino suddenly “hits the wall” with over about 1000 inner trims… Why? Can something be fixed here?

Oh, and I guess I could add that it also takes almost no time to create all 2600 individual circular surfaces with PlanarSrf (filling in the inside of the holes instead of trying to create one planar surface with holes)

Thx, --Mitch

PlanarSrfHoles.3dm (470.1 KB)

Hi Mitch- thanks, I see that… here it takes just one of the reds added in to bog things down.