Odd lines on my objects

Hi there, I don’t know why but whenever I hit Print, there are always odd lines on my object. And I don’t know how to fix them. Pls send help.assign2_partA_isometric.3dm (2.9 MB)

Hello - it’s hard to know what to look for without an screen shot but, just in case it is not intentional, your objects may not be arranged as you expect:


Hi there, thanks for replying. What’re you trying to say, again?

Ohh. Here are the picture.test.pdf (9.8 KB)

Hello - I see - those are the underlying meshes used to display the solid hatch - I do not get this here though. You might try removing or flattening the objects that are out of plane as I show in my image - I don’t think that is intentional and could be messing up the view frustum enough to make that happen - it is worth, at least eliminating that variable.


Thanks for replying. How do I do that though?

Hello - probably the easiest is to select the objects that are out of plane and SetPt them, using the Z coordinate only, snapping to the 2d objects.


Hi, sorry for bothering you. What is snapping to the 2d objects exactly? I don’t know why it is still not working.