Odd command line report

I found the following on the command line after putting my laptop to sleep with an instance of Rhino running… Anyone know which plug-in is causing this? I just installed Bongo2 on this machine and was editing a simple animation, but I also have RhinoTerrain installed, so it might be that… No problem, just curious is all…

Alert 1 - Lost connection to server fe80::9455:69ed:b6ed:b414%18 : 6200 Please save your work! This application will shut down in few minutes! About to retry regaining feature 1 Successful regain 1

Thx, --Mitch

If I remember correctly, this happens when you’re using the Zoo, your system sleepss and quits replying to the Zoo. After some preset time interval, the zombie license is recovered and put back in the pool. Then if it is put in use again and your old session is revived, you get this problem.

…not using the zoo…

Then it must be coming from Rhino and it’s license manager.
Either way, never sleep/hibernate your system when Rhino is running.
It should work but Windows does a pretty ratty job of waking up in the right order and within the timer settings.