Odd behaviour when saving


I recently bought a new laptop, a Dell XPS (so know it has the power etc), with Windows 10. I have had problems from the beginning as the wrong drivers were installed, but after many upgrades it should now be sorted… i.e. this shouldn’t be the problem I am about to describe, but I could be very wrong.

Current situation
I can work away happily in Rhino but as soon as I go to save the file Rhino “shrinks” from full screen to about a 1/3 of the screen size and the toolbars become tiny.

I can save the file but when I enlarge Rhino again the toolbars remain tiny and it is pretty much unusable, unless you have the patience of a saint…

The only way to sort this out is to shut down Rhino and reopen the file, then all is ok… until I save again. :wink:

Have no idea what is going. Any ideas? Thanks Laura

I think this will help:

Hi Laura - you may also want to try:

In rhino shortcut properties, compatibility tab, select “Disable display scaling on high DPI settings”


@John_Brock Thanks, tried that but it has not worked. Will try again, just in case the files haven’t saved correctly as had to update my admin rights during the process…
@pascal Ok, I have searched through all the properties I can think of but can’t find the compatibility tab. Sorry but can you provide a little more detail. Know I am going to kick myself when you tell me.

Cheers Laura

Right-click on the Desktop shortcut for starting Rhino
Click Properties
Select the Compatibility tab

Hi Laura - right click on the icon that start Rhino , choose Properties… do you see a Compatibility tab in that panel? One other thing to try - open Rhino, run this test command:


Then try the file dialog - Save etc. Does that work now? If so, place that command in your startup commands (Options >General page > ‘Run these commands every time Rhino starts’

Any luck?


@John_Brock @Pascal Thank you, the change to properties worked. Needed to change button size to large (although still small)… but I can now save without a load of faffing. Yay! :smiley:

Hi Laura - does it look & work right if you start Rhino by double-clicking on a 3dm file in Windows Explorer and not from the modified icon? If not, you may still want that test command in your startups.


Hi. Checked and it works fine, but will keep the test command up my sleeve just in case there is a future hiccup. Thanks again, much appreciated. Laura