Odd behaviour of Offset on Srf in grasshopper

Hi, I’m trying to get nice evenly spaced (in xyz) lines on a complicated surface,
I can do this manually by using the offset curve on srf command and it gives me the desired result,
however, it’s kinda tedious, means I can’t go back and change it, and feels like exactly the sort of thing that could be automated in Grasshopper.

To do this I used Curves>Util>Offset on Srf inside an anenome loop.
The problem I then have is that the offsets produced are not continuous across the surface as they are when done manually:
GHEnd vs Manual
This occurs even if I manually set one curve as the starting point, and anenome doesn’t appear to change the data. The deviance occurs on almost all the surfaces I’ve tried. Otherwise, I’m really not sure what would be different and I can’t seem to find a solution.
Is it possible to do this? Any help’s appreciated.
Example.gh (28.8 KB)

I am not sure if this is what you want but you can instead use the “Tween two curves on Surface” from Pufferfish. However, the result is differnt from the manual process you have shown.
Is it really necessary to offset the previous curve?

Example_PossibleSolution_01.gh (28.7 KB)

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Check this

curves.gh (46.7 KB)


Thank you for responses, I learnt a lot, its interesting to see how these compare on more complex geometries:

wireframe’s a good shout but loses the even spacing on more variable curves, as does tween, Offseting from just one edge rather than the previous offset looks good, although I think even distribution on doubly curved surfaces is probably a lot harder than I imagined. (to be sure my original recursive idea was way overcomplicated)

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