Oculus Rift dk2 is out

Head tracking, higher resolution, faster refresh etc… :smile:
Apparently game developer and distributor Valve has helped out a lot.



I think it would be awesome to have this implemented in Rhino, especially when it could be combined with

  1. a realtime AO display mode

  2. Collision control + Gravity ( camera would remain + 1,7m above underlying structure)

  3. WADS movement

I wonder how difficult it would be to develop these features since they would still be awesome without OR support…



I started working on a WADS hack a while back, that keeps a fixed height above a terrain, and it works fine, and is GREAT for evaluation, but I just took control over the mouse on windows level, so if Rhino crashed the mouse was lost… :smile: So it needs some work. (And I need some skills…)

Today I just made a view syncronization test that works fine too, so it shouldn’t be that hard to combine the two.

I just saw it after reading the news about facebook’s purchase and thought the same. If it would be useable with space mouse pro i would buy it right now. It’s too hard to wait for that :’(

And will now be bought by FaceBook.