Octopus Multi-Objective Optimization Stops and Doesn't Continue


I am currently working on multi-objective daylight and thermal optimization on Octopus. The definition is written correctly and simulations perform very well. But the problem is that after approximately 2-3 hours, the optimization stops and does not continiue. Therefore, I get a little amount of results.
Here is the results image:

I tried to run the optimization in several computers, and it performed almost the same. I have a doubt that it may be related to population size and max generations settings, but I am not very sure of it.
By the way I get no errors before or during the optimization.

I would really appreciate it if you suggest any solution or idea regarding that.

Below, I attach the gh file.
28.03.Combined_Optimization_2_Multiple_Results_7.gh (362.5 KB)
28.03.Combined_Optimization_2_Multiple_Results_7.3dm (2.3 MB)

Thank you,