Octopus Cube View

Hi I’m trying to see my multi optimization results in Octopus but when I run the octopus tool, I only see the results in CUBE VIEWS,

and using another file I use to see the results with the real shape of the figure(half dome). I don’t know if this is because the shape is too complicated (even though both are very similar) or I need to set up something in octopus to be able to see the preview image on the Octopus window.

You need to switch on the meshes preview inside octopus(very buggy) - sometimes you need to zoom in to the cube to see the meshes. I would use wallacei if I were you!
Get wallacei!

how to switch on the mesh preview?

Hey, have you figured out how to switch to mesh view?

hi! not really it only appears as a cube