Obtaining Profile Picture? WHAT?!

I am hope this is just a misunderstanding.

This is bothering me as well,
It seems the largest chunk of data while retrieving the licence info. So it shows the longest in the loading bar.

The profile picture in question is the one showing in the splash screen (at least that’s my take)

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I am going to tape over my camera.

That you should do anyway, running Rhino or not…

There should be an official statement from McNeel as to whether or not Rhino 3D accesses user’s camera, at any time.

This must be the picture form your Rhino account (if you have any), not each time face-scan from your camera.

Rhino does not access the computer’s camera. We don’t control what 3rd party plug-ins/components do though. I believe some FireFly components can be created that use the camera for a video feed in grasshopper.

Thank you for that clarification.

It otherwise would be a terrible Lenovo-like mistake to make such a Slashdot’able transgression to take someone’s picture for account validation.