Obscured Dimensions in Layout

I have been using Rhino’s layout feature to generate shop drawings since around the start of the year. One issue that I’ve run into happens when I dimension an object in the background of a view that is partially obscured by a separate object in the foreground. I recently used layout to dimension features on a wall with several pipes running in front of them, and the dimension lines are often interrupted by the pipes in front of them. I’ve been able to work around this by dimensioning all of my features and then moving the dimensions toward the front of the view when I’m done.

This works, although it is an additional step and can be a bit of a bummer to carry out each time when I’m making revisions or changing my drawing. Is there a better way to ensure that all dimensions/annotations are always visible regardless of objects in the viewport? I typically use layout in Pen view, or a modified Pen view with changes to visible creases and seams, but that’s about it.

Attached a file for general example. Thanks in advance.

Obscured Dimensions.3dm (3.1 MB)

Hi Kit - try BringToFront on the dims.


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Ah, thank you! Much appreciated.