Oblique view trim WIP vs. V6

Hi I am using both WIP and V6 for my project. I found that the trim command works slightly differently in WIP/Beta. What has been changed? I am so used to (When in oblique view by using planar/non-planar curve) (1) draw a simple curve (2) select the curve (3) type in trim alias and (4) select the part I wanted to be gone.

I searched some threads here but didn’t find anything helpful yet.

Please help

Can you create a scene with a trimming curve, something to trim and a saved, named view from which to trim that can illustrate the difference in results between V6 and the V7 WIP?

Hi Helvetosaur this is what I was talking about. Draw a radon line in perspective view and trim. For some reason, WIP doesn’t operate the way it was in V6. In WIP noting happen after the same clicks. I was more intuitive.

Yep, I see that - that change looks deliberate, maybe @pascal knows why…

Hi All - yep - it is a trade-off. there were numerous failures reported for trim/split in V6 of seemingly obvious cases where the curve was lying on a face to be trimmed. The change is that if I curve lies lies on a face to be trimmed it is only pulled to that face in non-plan views, not projected as before. In a plan view or if the curve is not right on that face, the project happens as before.


Hi @pascal would you say the quickest workaround would be gumball extrude that crv into a srf then trim? Also, I discovered that ortho doesn’t have that problem however when I am in perspective view and use “ctrl+shift RMB” to snap it to any plan views, trim doesn’t work as default plan views. I miss speedy trim. Thanks

Hello - the quickest is to move to a top view (or the ortho view that makes sense) or move the curve off of that face slightly, i.e. down a bit in your example.


I get it now. So if my crv is parallel with the srf I wanted to trim off I will have to do it in ortho. As long as it’s not on the same plane it still works in oblique view like V6. Thanks @pascal !