Oblique or spherical selection

Hello, is there a way in Rhino 5 to do an oblique selection?
Or custom selections? (or sub-selections)
I happened to need it in several particular situations while modeling. Thanks

You might look at the _Lasso command for selection. —Mitch

Hello - see


Any of that help?


What about _SelBrush?

Thank you all. Perfect solutions. For some reason i always missed that selection commands.
I would like to take this opportunity to ask something else regarding selection. One thing that would help me a lot:

When I do _Unwrap on NURBS i can select edge “loops” faster with the “chain” function.
Is there a way (plugin, script) to do the same with meshes? Something that automatically selects more edges based on specific angle tolerance between the selected edge and the others connected?

Hello - SelChain set for Tangency but with a high angle tolerance may do what you want.


I dont understand how to use it to select seams while unwrapping a mesh