Objects Weight Centroid

Hi all,
I am trying find the weight centroid of a group of objects. I try to use the bounding box’s volumn centroid but it doesn’t seem right. I wonder if there is a GH component or plugin can help to calculate the weight centroid, assume those objects are same material and are the same density.
Thanks for any suggestion.

Hi Jack -

You can either script the Rhino VolumeCentroid command or convert the object to meshes, join those, and use the Volume component on that:


Thanks wim! Could you also show me how to script the Rhino command VolumeCentroid?
How can I pass the breps to GhPython rather than manually pick it in Rhino?
Many thanks

Hi Jack -

You can use the VB script that David posted here:

MultipleVolumeProperties.gh (1.7 KB)

… but, I suppose, the easier way is to get the weighted average of the centroids:

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Got it, thanks wim!