Objects oriented around a surface are rotated

Hi All,

Thank you to everyone that has helped me, I am a GH beginner.

I have divided a surface, and placed an extruded object along the division points of the surface. It works, except that the extruded objects on the left side only of the picture below are rotated (“crooked”) about the Y axis:

Is there a very simple fix to just get those extruded objects on the left to stand up straight?


Mullion Test.3dm (47.5 KB)
Mullion Test.gh (20.6 KB)

I don’t quite get why you take so many steps to orient the geometry, but since you asked for a simple fix:

Thank you very much Gijs, that is definitely a simple fix.

SORRY BUT ONE MORE QUICK QUESTION - right now the extruded objects are attached to the Brep surface by the centroids of the extruded objects - is there a simple way to attach the extruded objects to the Brep by a base point (like the midpoint of one side of the base rectangle of the extrusion)?

PS - as to why this is so complicated, it’s because I am a total beginner and I’m just trying to figure it all out by trial and error. I never had any formal classes or anything, just feeling my way through it.



check this…

Mind that corner mullions has different dimensions…

As @Gijs has suggested, different modelling applied from the beginning…

Mullion Test_RE.gh (25.8 KB)

Mullion Test_RE (internalised).gh (23.9 KB)

Thank you Jakinta, very elegant. It will take me some time to digest, but I see how you’ve started with different modeling from the beginning

PS - I figured out how to use base geometry instead of volume centroid in my follow on question.