Objects on layer 1,2,..5 are invisible

Please place a point with some osnap near origin. Some red lines will be visible.

With command + a (select all) then change the layer to default. Here is the geometry. Placing to other layers the geometry is invisible.

I don’t know how I created this file. Something happens while playing with 2 clipping planes.
invisibleGeometry.3dm (163.8 KB)

odd… I’m seeing the same behaviour here…

however if you select all then copy and open a new blank model and paste it in the model behaves as expected.

Somthing must have gotten screwed up with your camera in the original file since you can create a new floating viewport and the mode appears as expected.

Is this a one time thing, or are you seeing this over multiple models?

I tried to repeat this, but I can’t until now. I think it is a one time thing.

cool- let us know if it reappears!