Objects not on Surface anymore after changing the surface shape

in my first path, the created objects are within the boundaries of the created surface. But when I try to make the surface a surface that is not planar, the path doesn’t seem to work anymore.
What do I have to do to make the effect of the first path work on the more complicated surface?

Übung 02.3dm (206.9 KB)
Übung 02.gh (38.8 KB)

Which one of these four unconnected code bits to look at?

Maybe now it´s clearer.
I scribbled a description over the groups. Path 1 is working like it should. Now i want that the “geometry” block of Path 1, which works on the red displayed surface, works in the same way for Path 2. The purple displayed geometry is the geometry for Path 2.
Later there is the group on the right. There my task is to connect it to the then
functioning group of Path 2.
Übung 02.3dm (173.6 KB)
Übung 02.gh (26.9 KB)