Objects not baking

I’m working with a layout sheet and I have a script with multiple text objects and line (curve) objects. I can see all desired objects perfectly in preview mode. One set group with 3 text object lists bakes perfectly. The other set with 2 text object lists and 1 line object list will not bake as a group or individually.
Any ideas on how to get this to work?

Are the ones not baking in a viewport? Grasshopper is reading the layout 's XY, not the viewports (model space).

Many thanks Japhy - that is surprising… The preview shows in the layout view but apparently I need to be in model view when I bake. I can set the layout window to floating and make the front view active and it works.
Any thoughts as to how I need to modify my script to make this work when the Layout window is not floating?

That would require scripting RhinoPageView, not sure how that would work in the context of your project.

This is an enterprise wide challenge I’m working on. There are 3 segments to this and the players are all over the globe; different languages and interests in the product. Design creates the model - manufacturing derives their needed documentation from the model - quality control scans the manufacturing output and compares to the model for compliance. The completed model could change in minor ways based on issues that arise during the manufacturing process. The enterprise needs a standard set of documents for their clients.
In that context, I am trying to implement tools that empowers the manufacturing team to derive their documentation without affecting the model. As well, if there are subtle changes to the model, those changes flow through to the manufacturing documentation. Tall order I know but… what are computers for?

Ideally, detail views in layout could lock zoom and pan capabilities so that manufacturing can dimension and notate as needed. Does this currently exist as a possibility?