Objects have disappeared

G’day everyone,

I have built a simple model and grasshopper/kangaroo definition and something has gone wrong. The objects in rhino have gone missing.

Ctrl+A selects them “41 points, 40 curves added to selection.”
Zoom Selected tells me “Unable to zoom - no objects are selected.” after Ctrl+A
Zoom Extents tells me “Unable to zoom - no objects are visible.”
Show tells me “No objects are hidden.”

I have tried toggling the simulation reset and timer on/off without success.

This issue occurred after I bumped up the Stiffness in the SpringsFromLine component. The solution went crazy then everything disappeared.

It’s easy enough to rebuild the model but I’d love to know how to fix this, particularly for conditions when the model is not simple.


Hi Nick,

It sounds like you are using the old version of Kangaroo. Please give the new version a try. It’s included with Rhino 6, or you can download it for Rhino 5 from Food4Rhino. It doesn’t explode when you set the stiffness high like the old one did!

Anyway, the disappearing Grasshopper geometry happens if points get moved very far from the origin, as they do if a simulation explodes. You can get the display back by clicking the ‘4 viewports’ icon in Rhino.

Thanks for the very quick response Daniel.

Yep, old Kangaroo on Rhino 5. I have the Rhino 6 trial and have played with K2 but having just starting out on my Grasshopper & Kangaroo journey got a little confused with the video tutorials for old and new versions. I still haven’t really got it in my head how Kangaroo works and am just copying and modifying the video tutorials.

The 4 viewports trick worked.


I use Rhino 6 and the same happens there. Objects dissappear. Sometimes they suddenly come back.
The most strange thing is that a new created object in rhino did not show, but I could select it by selLast and could move it around the other (visible) objects in the file. All of a sudden the ghost object became visible, but when I drag it around in another area in the space, it dissappears again.