Objects Going Beyond Their Boundaries / Lighting Glitch

Not even really sure how to describe the issue so hopefully the image clarifies the situation. But this bug I’ve been dealing with seems like some kind of lighting glitch, its been making all my objects in rhino not fill up their designated space, or go beyond their edges. When in rendered view it does the same thing but everything lacks light of any kind.

Hi Kames - please post a file with an object that shows this, or if it is confidential, send to tech@mcneel.com to my attention, with a link back here in your comments.


Hello, the file is too big to be posted here I’ll send it to the email provided, thanks.

Hi Kames - always better, when possible, to export the bits you are asking about to a new file and post that, rather than send the entire project.


Agreed, I’ll post an additional smaller version here.
Object clipping issue.3dm (503.1 KB)

Hi Kames - the obiect is quite far from the world origin - not all that far but far enough, it seems, to be a problem for the display - an example point on the corner object

Point in world coordinates = 42733’1-7/8",38379’9-1/2",37’0-1/4"

the display will clean up if you move the whole thing to the world origin.

I might also set the render meshes to Smooth and Slower, and lastly, update your V7 to the most current -