Objects disappear after operation

So I preformed an operation (quadremesh) and every object (curves, subds, mesh, surfs) in the perspective viewport disappeared. Still able to do Selall and I can view normally in iso views. I played around with the tumbling and viewing and discovered that viewport acts as the the clipping edge on the camera is turned super up. so lets say the camera were to zoom in to 5ish mm from the surface I can see my geometry.

I do use a 3dconnexion spacemouse and am running on a quadro graphics card.

I have reset camera, saved as, exported objects, imported objects from fresh document, all without any changes.

unable to load the file, its 40mb.

You can upload to rhino3d.com/upload . If you copy&paste the link to this discussion tech support will know what the file is for. Don’t forget to fill out your own email address, so they can contact you.

Thanks for the file, the issue is with one of the SubD objects. Hide one of the two to figure out which one and then you should see other objects in Perspective. I filed this as RH-60886 for future reference… my guess is it has to do with self intersections on the back of the head.